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TimeJun 18, 2016

The Best Defense....... is a Crushing Offense

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We've seen how the Penguin forwards rose to the occasion Defensively, now let’s break down the Offensive accomplishments of the Stanley Cup Champs.

The rankings below are of 16 playoff teams

As a team, the Penguins ranked #1 in:

Lastly, when evaluating Offense on a team level, it’s valuable to note the amount of Defense the Opposition generated. When the Pen’s wind it up offensively, the opposition must either respond by making Positive Defensive plays, (closing passing & shooting lanes, taking away time and space. etc) or end up making Negative Defensive plays which leads to chances and ultimately, goals against.

The RESULTS......The Penguins had the lowest Opposition Defense score (OD); nearly twice as low as the second place playoff team. Simply stated, the Penguins Offense overwhelmed the opposition, making Positive Defensive plays very difficult and forcing Negative Defensive plays.

NOTE: a large Opposition Defense number usually indicates that a strong Offensive performance was answered by a very strong Defensive performance, even if the scoreboard doesn't always indicate it.

Next we'll look at the distribution of the Penguins Offense.



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