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Defensive Contribution

Each player contributes to the outcome of a hockey game on a play by play basis. When the opposition has the puck, a player and his team are on defense. When on defense, players try to prevent the opposition from moving the puck towards and into their goal. These attempts to deny opposition offense are defensive PLAYS.

Using the TRUPERFORMANCE Index (TPI), defensive plays are systematically graded on a scale with a range of positive to negative scores.

A positive defensive play denies an advantage (DEF +), whereas a negative defensive play creates a disadvantage (DEF -). The degree of the advantage created is reflected in the weighted score for each play. These weighted scores are added up and each player receives a defensive contribution score.


Each play is analyzed independently. All of the surrounding gameplay variables are considered, collected, and categorized. Some of those variables include the game situation of the play (ie. Forecheck, Rush Defend, Defensive Zone Coverage, etc.); the skills used to make the play (ie. Active Stick, Close Pass Lane, Check, etc.); and the location of the play. All of these add up to generate part of a unique Defensive Player Profile. Combining these Player Profiles produces a Defensive Team Profile.



Offensive Plays


Defensive Plays

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