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TimeJun 20, 2016

Playoff Trends....... Chris Tierney

Play by play data allows valuable insight into a players ebbs and flows. While goals scored for and against usually define a players performance, play by play evaluation indicates their true contribution....whether they get the bounces that night or not. In the playoffs, when intensity is maxed out and players are dialed in these patterns can be even more prevalent.

For example, on a game to game basis, Sidney Crosby's leading playoff contribution followed the general pattern of five to six strong games followed by a weaker or 'reload game'.

Evgeni Malkin had one his most consistent stretches over the playoff run, never having a really poor game. He managed to bring important details every game which is the hallmark of an all round player.

Joe Pavelski's strong playoff run was marked by a peak, then usually a modest drop off game, then another peak.

Logan Couture's chart could be called Clutch, because several of his strongest performances came in series deciding games.

Patric Hornqvist quickly established a base level of performance, jumping higher every two to three games but never dropping below that base level of performance.

We chose to feature a portion of Chris Tierney's playoff chart due to the strong and interesting pattern that emerged. He would climb, in a game or two, to a peak performance level, then drop steadily over three or four games to a low, then the pattern would repeat. Very similar to a stock climbing then consolidating. Note, the majority of this performance is above his playoff average.

This pattern may be totally coincidental but three consecutive cycles could provide insight to player usage, individual preparation, home and away, days off between games, even an injury could be factor. In any event, evaluating the specifics of his play by play performance, along with those influencing variables, is the key to reaching consistently higher levels of performance.

Stay tuned for more breakdown of the playoffs.



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