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TimeMay 18, 2016

Eastern Conference Finals - Game 2

Photo: Jeanine Leech/Icon Sportswire

Lightning vs Penguins


What a difference a couple days makes. Fresh off one of their weakest defensive games of the Playoffs, Pittsburgh's D-core answered with a great performance in Game 2.

Kris Letang led the way almost doubling his previous best game in these playoffs. His contribution was almost half of Pittsburgh's entire D core. He also recorded his highest Defensive Contribution of the year, including the regular season.

Pittsburgh's forward depth was on display as Nick Bonino, Eric Fehr and Matt Cullen, all contributed at second line forward levels. Bonino led the way Defensively.

Tampa's Jonathan Drouin continued his terrific Offensive performance in the playoffs, leading the charge with his passing ability. Some struggles in Defensive Zone Coverage dropped his Overall Contribution level.

Nikita Kucherov has managed to save the day on more than one occasion this Playoff season, but Game 2 was not his best performance. Kris Letang had a little to do with that.

Andrej Sustr had his strongest game of the Playoffs thus far, making a number of Plays by closing passing lanes and with a strong active stick. He led Tampa's D-core in Overall Contribution.

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